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Full moon walking tour Iguazu falls

Full moon walking tour Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu is well known for its marvelous waterfalls surrounded by stunning green scenery. People from all over the world travel to visit them and immerse themselves in the breathtaking nature the province of Misiones has to offer, in the northeast...

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The Mate

Declared as Cultural Heritage of Mercosur and in process to be declared World Heritage by UNESCO, the yerba mate is the traditional Argentine tea that can be found mostly in the area of the Falls. The fact that there is...

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Personal contact between Argentine people is an everyday occurrence. Walking arm in arm is a tradition among old friends and family almost as old as our ancestors. Hugging each other and kissing on the cheeks to say hello (even among...

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Argentina: where diversity is not only reflected in its weather, nature and spectacular landscapes but also in its people and their cultures. Enjoy the beauty and find out the history behind the World Heritage sites but also learn about a...

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