Salta and Jujuy

The Colors and Flavors of Culture

Salta and Jujuy: The Colors and Flavors of Culture

Two big words can describe the North of our country: Colors and Flavors. Declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Jujuy presents you the Hill of 7 Colors, named in that way due to the great amount of minerals that give cheerful colors to the whole postcard, with Purmamarca valley at its feet. From a colorful scenery to a complete pure white background: Salinas Grandes, an impressive extension of 82 square miles of salt lakes that reaches the horizon. Cafayate in Salta province is not left behind: reds and oranges are present in mountains, lands and even in their wines. Culture is not only reflected in the natural heritage, but also in the traditional cuisine of their people, where colors are also part of this recipe in the so many spices they use taken from the earth.


1.50hs flight
985 miles


Hot and rainy-moderate summers | Fresh and rain-free winters

  • Spring (Sep to Dec):
    84.9°F to 62.2°F
  • Summer (Dec to March):
    89°F to 67.2°F
  • Autumn (March to June):
    73°F to 56.4°F
  • Winter (June to Sep):
    74.3°F to 47.3°F


  • Salinas Grandes
  • Cafayate
  • Santa and Jujuy cities
  • Purmamarca town and the Hill of seven colors
  • Los Cardones and Calilegua National Parks
  • Waira Caves
  • Tilcara town
  • Humahuaca Ravine (Quebrada de Humahuaca)
  • Las Conchas Ravine (Quebrada de las conchas)

ACTIVITIES that will inspire you

  • Take amazing pictures in the unusual white background of Salinas Grandes
  • Visit Purmamarca Valley to trek and admire the beauty of the Hill of 7 Colors
  • Ride aboard the Train to the Clouds
  • Day experience at Cafayate tasting good northern wines and exploring the Quebrada de las Conchas
  • Horseback Riding or biking at Los Cardones National Park
  • Mountain biking at the surroundings of Tilcara
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