The Ice of Thousands of Years

Calafate: The Ice of Thousands of Years

Imagine that you have the opportunity to walk on a 190ft high glacier and see the countless shades of blue and white that merge throughout the landscape. Think about enjoying a glass of whisky on the rocks with the ancient ice of that glacier. Nothing of that is impossible at Calafate and The Perito Moreno Glacier, declared Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This impressive ice field is worth seeing even from a cruise ship sailing alongside! Calafate proposes much more for you: El Chalten is that natural scenery for those trekking lovers that want to challenge themselves where each viewpoint you stop to contemplate mountains and glaciers will be recorded in your memory.


3 hs flight
1709 miles


Primarily dry. The city’s extremes of cold and heat are moderated by the influence of a large lake (Lago Argentino).

  • Spring (Sep to Dec):
    33.8°F to 64.4°F
  • Summer (Dec to March):
    46.4°F to 66.2°F
  • Autumn (March to June):
    28.4°F to 60.8°F
  • Winter (June to Sep):
    28.4°F to 50°F


  • Perito Moreno Glacier
  • El Chalten
  • Glaciarum Museum

ACTIVITIES that will inspire you

  • 4×4 truck ride
  • Cruise ship with the Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Trek on the Glacier
  • Day Experience at El Chalten
  • Spend the day in a traditional ranch with interesting activities like sheep shearing
  • Visit the Glaciarum Museum
  • Glamping at El Chalten
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