The long-awaited return of Air Canada to Argentina is here!

Dec 06 2021

The long-awaited return of Air Canada to Argentina is here!

With the re-opening of the borders, it has been a pleasant news for Faus DMC to hear that Air Canada will be making an exciting return to Argentina this month December of 2021. Due to the pandemic, airlines have temporarily suspended their flights to most destinations, including Buenos Aires. So, the re-instalment of the Argentina destination is great news for our team since South America has a lot to offer as a continent with a variety of exotic destinations. We are proud our country offers unique experiences starring amazing landscapes, exquisite gastronomy, and cities rich in culture which provide once in a lifetime opportunity in some of the top destinations in the world.

From the Iguazu’s waterfalls, which are one of the seven natural wonders in the world, to Ushuaia’s breathtaking glaciers and the famous end of the world, Argentina has a lot to offer to their visitors. Wine lovers and foodies will feel at home in Mendoza’s luxurious and trendy hotels surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains, as well as those who are looking for fearless activities like horseback riding and rafting in the rapids, or more relaxed ones like riding a bike through beautiful vineyards or spending a day in a spa. Those who love nightlife and music will be thrilled to visit the Colon theatre (one of the most important opera houses in the world), watch amazing tango performances led by talented dancers in La Boca where the streets are full of art and colorful antique buildings, and taste some of the most delicious foods and wines.

In other words, we are thrilled to hear the great news of Air Canada’s return and we will be expecting travelers not only from Canada but all over the world. Faus DMC thinks this is a huge step for us as a country and the world to be more connected again and encourage people to visit other places.

Argentina is waiting for you!

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