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Colón Fabrica. The behind the scenes of the Opera house.

New visits in Buenos Aires! Behind the scenes of the famous Colon Theatre.

The Colon Theater Opera House opens its doors for you to discover the magic behind the scenes! An experience in which you will be able to discover the great productions that have emerged from the workshops of one of the few Factory Theater`s in the world, in which everything that an excellent show needs can be created and carried out: sets, costumes, wigs, shoes, among others.   The place is located very close to the famous Caminito street, in La Boca, the neighborhood where modern art and antique buildings coexist, and it...

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Full moon walking tour Iguazu falls

Full moon walking tour Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu is well known for its marvelous waterfalls surrounded by stunning green scenery. People from all over the world travel to visit them and immerse themselves in the breathtaking nature the province of Misiones has to offer, in the northeast of Argentina. For those who want to experience them in an unusual way, Iguazu provides a unique way to experience the famous falls during a full moon. The full moon walking tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can only be done 5 nights a month.    The tour begins by crossing the...

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The long-awaited return of Air Canada to Argentina is here!

With the re-opening of the borders, it has been a pleasant news for Faus DMC to hear that Air Canada will be making an exciting return to Argentina this month December of 2021. Due to the pandemic, airlines have temporarily suspended their flights to most destinations, including Buenos Aires. So, the re-instalment of the Argentina destination is great news for our team since South America has a lot to offer as a continent with a variety of exotic destinations. We are proud our country offers unique experiences starring amazing landscapes,...

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Piedra Infinita, Zuccardi winery.

Zuccardi in Uco Valley was chosen as “The best winery in the world”

There is no doubt that Mendoza is the wine capital par excellence: For the third consecutive time, Zuccardi's winery, Piedra Infinita, won the hearts of the jury of 600 international experts and became number 1 in the ranking of The World´s Best Vineyards, maintaining its respective spot from the previous years.   "From the architecture to the wines, every little detail has been carefully thought out by Zuccardi Family”, were the first words of the jury to introduce this Vineyard as the winner. Furthermore, they said: "The landscape is as breathtaking as...

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Argentina opens borders for international tourism

Gradual and total reopening of borders has arrived in Argentina!

The Ministry of Health announced yesterday the total reopening of borders in November 2021 and all travel plans are shining bright again for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the country and the great amount of outdoor green spaces that are becoming more and more important in the new way of exploring the world that is coming. Attributed to the continuous decrease in Covid-19 cases and fatalities, this new package of measures to ease restrictions announced by the government also stands out for no longer making it mandatory to...

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The Mate

Declared as Cultural Heritage of Mercosur and in process to be declared World Heritage by UNESCO, the yerba mate is the traditional Argentine tea that can be found mostly in the area of the Falls. The fact that there is a yerba mate route across several provinces maybe makes you wonder how important a tea can be that even its route is about to be declared World heritage. And the truth is that yerba mate has always accompanied the life of Argentines. You will see it in all family and friends’...

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Personal contact between Argentine people is an everyday occurrence. Walking arm in arm is a tradition among old friends and family almost as old as our ancestors. Hugging each other and kissing on the cheeks to say hello (even among men) are kind habits that define us with the extroverted personality we have. We could attribute our sparkling, energetic and friendly touch to the incredible diversity of cultures living together in Argentina. We have an open mind for ideals and a huge heart with plenty of room available for anyone who...

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Argentina: where diversity is not only reflected in its weather, nature and spectacular landscapes but also in its people and their cultures. Enjoy the beauty and find out the history behind the World Heritage sites but also learn about a country that never stops moving forward. It maybe all started with the great welcome to immigrants between 1880 and 1950 that left us that story to teach about the value of sacrifice and hard work. And, of course, with the rewards of dedication we were also taught how to truly...

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