The energy of the falls immersed in the jungle

Iguazu: The Falls & The Jungle

Proudly conceived as One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu concentrates the perfect balance of adventure and nature with 275 falls. The sound of water falling guides you to discover this spectacular phenomenon that houses hundreds of flora and fauna species in the Rainforest. You will feel immersed, blended as part of the jungle while you explore the area along the walking trails. Shout of excitement while facing the immensity of the Falls from a Zodiac motorboat and let yourself get wet under them. And why not complete your experience by being part of the night in the jungle with the full moon as a witness!


1.50 hs flight.
1275 km. / 792 miles.


Hot and humid Summers | Dry and mild Winters.

• Spring (Sep to Dec): 83.1°F to 64°F
• Summer (Dec to March): 91.4°F to 68°F
• Autumn (March to June): 80.2°F to 62°F
• Winter (June to Sep): 74.3°F to 50°F


Iguazu National Park, Jesuit Ruins, Wanda Mines, Brazilian side of the Falls (Parque das Aves), Parana River coast, The Aripuca.

ACTIVITIES that will inspire you

Walking along the trails in National Park, Ride the ecological train to the Devil’s Throat, Zodiac Boat Ride under the falls, Expedition to the ruins and mines, Helicopter ride overflying the Falls, Guided walk under the moonlight, trekking and kayaking at Parana River, day experience at the Brazilian side.

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