Buenos Aires

Pleasant surprise of diversity and sophistication

Buenos Aires: The City of Passions

Known for its European influence in architecture and cuisine, the eclectic and diversified city of Buenos Aires invites you to discover what makes “porteños” so passionate. Get lost between the so many cultural and green spaces but find at the same time the emotion/spirit that characterizes its people in every corner you visit. This city is where a soccer game is a spectacle you should see at least once in your life; where the intensity of Tango flows every day and night in the streets, bars and restaurants; where the options are never-ending. When you depart, something of this enthusiastic city will follow you, and you will leave your mark behind.


Humid winters and warm summers.

• Spring (Sep to Dec): 72.5°F to 55.8°F.
• Summer (Dec to March): 84°F to 66.7°F
• Autumn (March to June): 73.4°F to 57.2°F
• Winter(June to Sep): 61.3°F to 46.6°F


Opera House, Recoleta cemetery, Palermo parks, Puerto Madero area, Malba Museum, Tigre Delta, ranches in the pampas, Tango.

ACTIVITIES that will inspire you

Cultural and art activities, biking, Traditional Buenos Aires Cafes, Navigate the delta area, cooking lessons, Polo experience and barbecue, Golf, shopping, leather and jewelry, silversmith and artist studio, tango lessons.

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